Eleholi fest on 8th March 2023 Time: 10:00 AM—06:00 PM

Greeting From Eleholi fest Congratulations on making the right decision to witness the world of colorful Holi celebrations first-hand here in Jaipur. Many countries worldwide have adopted this Indian festival and organized color marathons or parades. Meanwhile, authentic Holi celebrations deeply rooted in Hinduism can only be experienced in India. Eleholi Fest is awaiting you to join in colorful celebrations of the Holi festival with the locals and feel Holi as local people do. 

With 10 years of festive Holi experience, Eleholi Fest offers fascinating day activities that will bring you closer to the understanding of the festival and the way Indians celebrate this occasion. What is more? Every major celebration in India is marked by the presence of the most graceful of animals – elephants. Eleholi Fest gives you this unique chance to experience Holi with an elephant. Embrace colorful fun and share your love with the elephants – we guarantee a rewarding lifetime memory for you. All the Information About Elephant Holi Festival!! how to celebrate Holi.

Holi Festival

2000 ₹ INR

  • Entry ticket
  • Lunch
  • Unlimited colors (bag of 5 different colors on entry)
  •  Folk Dance/ Folk Music
  • Games competitions
  • Elephant Riding & feeding and photography Holi Festival with Elephants.


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Holi with Elephants

4000 INR

  • All from Holi festival  Elephant Activities
  • Riding or walking with elephant
  • Washing the elephant
  • Painting on elephant
  • Feeding Fruits to elephant
  • Photography Includes in both packages


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Includes in both packages

1. Welcome with “CHUNG” a traditional Holi festival instrument & drummers/girls in colorful dresses

2. Life performance – entertainment folk dance folk music

3. Venue stocked up with “Thals of dry Gullal Color” made from organic cornflower bas. Drums of water based colors

4. Water bottles/Snacks/ Bhang lassi

5. Buffet Lunch

6. Competitions